• Be Kind Form

  • Sample: Dear Neighbor, My family has recently moved into your neighborhood. We would like to introduce you to our son, Joey. Joey has profound autism and does not speak. You may notice him outside rocking or waving at cars. He is very sweet and enjoys being outside. We encourage friendly interactions and wanted to help bring awareness to behaviors you may not be familiar with.
  • Be Kind Caregiver Form for

  • Personality

    e.g. Joey may act like he doesn’t notice you, but he enjoys it when people say, “Hello!” He often screams loudly. These screams may be joyful or they may be caused by irritation. In almost all cases his screaming doesn’t indicate he’s in trouble or danger. If you suspect he’s in danger, please approach us before calling the police.
  • Food

    I love snacks but have many food intolerances. Please check with my family before giving me anything to eat or drink.
  • Preferences

  • e.g. trains, dinosaurs, patterns, garbage trucks, etc
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