Betsy Hicks - Director
Lisa Orsic - Chairman


Meet our Board of Directors

Riley O'Neil

Benjamin Bayr

Andre Bennett

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Meet our Executive Director

Betsy Hicks-Russ is a leading expert with over 20 years of experience in holistic health as the former CEO of Green Health Wellness and Green Health Cube, as well author of Picky Eating Solutions (2010), a unique guidebook on the life-changing power of healthy eating habits, and has delivered lectures around the world about meal planning, special diets, and holistic health for individuals living with autism. Her experiences with her son Joey, has driven her to become an impassioned expert on the relationship between nutrition, movement, and fresh air being vital for the mind and body. Betsy strives to give those who may not have a voice the chance to express themselves and seek freedom from prejudice and social barriers. Her dedication to health and wellness translates directly to her passion for caregiving and the mission to create space for people living on the autistic spectrum to be heard, understood, and embraced. Betsy is also the creator of The Joey Bar, a delicious and nutrient dense bar. All organic, healthful, and Pure Good.

Lisa Orsic

Lisa Orsic has a long track record of assisting non for profits that focus on health, education, and the arts. Particularly in the area of fundraising, development, and managing strategic partnerships. She has a proven track record of merging diverse organizations & people to create unique and memorable fundraising campaigns. Her primary career experience includes not only working with large corporations to not only market and promote familiar “brands” but, has successfully launched groundbreaking start-ups.  After achieving success in the competitive entertainment & e-commerce branding world those experiences did not satisfy her profound need to help those that need it the most. As an autism parent, she refuses to accept any limitations or boundaries set by a diagnosis and has encouraged many families to do the same. And every day she answers this simple internal question: How can I bring a positive change to families and individuals living with Autism?

Riley O'Neil

Riley O’Neil is a college student in South Florida, majoring in music (vocals). She enjoys fashion, thrift shopping, music, jujitsu, and hanging out with her dogs and her friends. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s when she was four years old. She believes young women experience Asperger’s very differently than young men and that more focus could be given to them. She is happy to be a consultant on this team.

Benjamin Bayr

Benjamin Bayr is a graduate student at Ludwig –  Maximillians – University  in Munich ( Germany) studying the education and instruction of children with autism spectrum as well as  social, emotional and developmental disorders.

His experience at multiple special education schools including a psychiatric hospital based  school  in Germany, inspired him to  take a closer look at challenging behaviors. In light of the specific difficulties of people with autism, he is  developing a better understanding of challenging behaviors and  strategies for preventing  them and building alternatives.

He hopes to create a guideline  for caregivers and instructors  for  children , adolescents and adults particularly regarding self abuse.

 He is passionate about working collaboratively, developing a center of excellence for these individuals with like minded instructors and care givers.